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  First "gig" ever(1980).At the age of nine with the family band.

     WK on Clarinet - brother Hans on drums, sister Helen on       

     tambourine  and my father Johan on the Farfisa Organ.



                                  With Ruud de Vries 1988





                        NO LIMTS (1989)

                        front:Wouter Kiers(tenorsax), Ruud De Vries(alt sax)

                                 Behind them:Wouters brother Hans Kiers(drums)

                                 Kenneth Markesteijn(bassguitar)

                                 Tristan Wiechert(guitar)



KIERS' UNIT (1995) With:Johan Witt - Guitar,

Kenneth Markesteijn - Bass, Ruud De Vries - Tenorsax,

Antal Steixner - Drums and Wouter Kiers - Tenorsax

(local lady's)




Blue Moon Special     (1998)